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Before pressure cooking fruits, add 1 cup water in cooking pot and place a steam basket in cooking pot. Place a layer of fruits in basket. Cover and lock lid in place. Turn regulator knob to ‘Pressure’. Select ‘LOW’ cooking mode and cook for time indicated below. Turn unit off and use “natural method” for pressure release. Remove fruits, add desired seasonings and serve.

Natural Method:
After cooking cycle completes, press ‘START/STOP’ button to make sure unit is completely off. Let appliance stand and allow pressure to drop down naturally which takes 10 to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, turn Pressure Regulator Knob towards ‘Steam’ in short bursts to make sure all pressure has been released.

Guideline Timetable
Fruit Cooking Time Pressure Setting
Apples, fresh 3 - 4 minutes Low
Apples, chunks 2 minutes Low
Apricots, fresh 2 minutes Low
Apricots, dried 4 minutes Low
Berries, cherries 0 minutes* Low
Figs, dried 5 - 6 minutes Low
Peach halves, fresh 2 - 3 minutes Low
Peaches, dried 4 minutes Low
Pear halves, fresh 3 - 4 minutes Low
Prunes, dried 5 - 6 minutes Low
Raisins 4 - 5 minutes Low
* - bring to pressure, then turn heat source off.
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