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Care and Cleaning
Pull the power plug out of the wall socket each time and allow the appliance to cool down. Protect the appliance against splashing water and moisture, as these could lead to an electrical shock hazard. Please also observe all safety instructions.
Important: The parts and accessories of the appliance should not be washed in a dishwasher.

Housing, Lid, and Baking area: Remove all particles left behind inside the baking area using a wet cloth or a slightly wet sponge. Wipe the casing and the lid with a wet cloth or sponge. Make sure that the inside area is fully dry. For easy cleaning, the appliance lid can be removed from the housing:

• Open the lid part way to align right post on lid with slot on housing extensions and lift by tilting to the right and up to remove.

• To attach the lid, insert the left hinge extension first, then align right post with slot on housing extension and push to insert.

Bread pan and kneading paddle: The surfaces of the bread pan and kneading paddle have a non-stick coating. While cleaning, do not use any abrasive detergents, cleaning powders or objects that may cause scratches on the surface. Due to moisture and vapor
the surface of various parts may undergo changes in their appearance over a period of time. This does not affect the quality or functional performance of the appliance. Before cleaning, take the bread pans and kneading paddles out of the baking area. Wipe the outside of the bread pans with a damp cloth.

Never immerse the bread pan in water or other liquids. Clean the interior of the bread pan with warm, soapy water. If the kneading paddle is incrusted and hard to release, fill the bread pan with hot water for approx. 30 minutes. If the hole in the kneading paddle
is clogged, you can clean it carefully with a wooden skewer. Do not use any chemical or abrasive cleaners to clean the appliance.
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