"2d"Safety Tips

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1. To avoid burn type injuries, do not touch the heating zone after cooking.

2. To avoid overheating of cookware, do not use empty or unattended.

3. Turn OFF the cooktop when not in use and unplug from electrical outlet.

4. Do not insert any paper, cardboard, cloth, etc. between the cookware and heating zone to avoid any source of fire.

5. Metal objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids get heated very quickly. They should not be placed on the heating zone. Do not place other types of objects such as (cans, aluminum foil, cutlery, jewelry, watches, etc.) on the heating zone.

6. Patients with a heart problem should ask their doctor if they are safe to be near an induction cooktop.

7. Do not place credit cards, phone cards, cd’s, cassette tapes, or objects that are sensitive to magnetic fields.

8. This cooktop has an internal cooling fan. Do not obstruct the air vents. This can cause overheating and cooktop would automatically turn off.

9. Do not use if any part of the appliance is cracked or broken.

10. Avoid liquids from entering the cooktop. Do not let water or foods overflow from the cookware and do not clean the appliance in water or other liquids.

11. Do not operate the appliance on metal tables or metal countertops as the proximity to the appliance may cause the surfaces to heat causing possible safety risks and damage to the appliance.

12. Attention: DO NOT use cookware with a diameter larger than 10.00 inches. This can cause the appliance to overheat and malfunction.
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