Care and Use of your Stainless Steel Cookwell « Back

Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to keep clean. Before using your stainless steel cookwell, wash it thoroughly in hot soapy water to remove any manufacturing compounds. Washing it by hand in hot soapy water or in a dishwasher usually is the only requirement for keeping it bright and shiny. Prompt drying should prevent it from getting water spots.

Soak and wash in hot soapy water to remove any burned-on foods. Light scouring with a non-abrasive household cleaner or a commercial stainless steel cleaner and a nylon scouring pad should remove any stubborn burns on the interior surfaces. Cooking certain starchy foods (such as: rice, potatoes or peas) may cause a stain on the inside of the pan. High heat may cause a mottled, rainbow-like discoloration commonly called “heat-tint”. Both of these should remove easily with any stainless steel cleaner. Consumers should add salt to liquid only after it reaches the boiling point and stir to dissolve completely. Un-dissolved salt will “pit” the steel surface. Do not allow salty or acidic foods to remain in stainless steel for long periods of time.

Stainless steel will not dent, warp or chip with normal use, Stainless Steel thrives on exposure to air, and is also attractive to display in your kitchen.
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