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• Toasting is a combination of drying and cooking the bread and, because moisture levels differ from one bread to another, toasting times can vary.

• For slightly dry bread, use a lower setting than normal.

• For fresh bread or whole wheat bread, use a higher setting than normal.

• Bread which has a very uneven surface will require a higher setting.

• Thicker cut pieces of bread (including crumpets) will take longer to toast - sometimes significantly longer. This is because more moisture must be evaporated from the bread before toasting can occur. Very thick pieces of bread may require two toasting cycles.

• When toasting raisin or other fruit breads, remove any loose raisins or fruit from the surface of the bread before putting it into your toaster. This will help prevent fruit pieces from falling into your toaster or sticking to the guard wires in the toasting slot.

• Single slice toasting - If you are toasting a single slice of bread, set the browning control to a lower setting than normal. By using a lower setting when toasting a single slice of bread, it will not be over toasted.

If your toaster jams:
• Never use a knife or any other utensil or implement to remove jammed bread.
• Never insert your fingers into the bread slots.
• Switch the toaster off at the power supply socket and unplug it.
• Allow the toaster to completely cool down.
• Carefully ease the bread out of the toaster being careful not to damage the heating element.
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