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1. Never poke any kitchen utensils such as spoons, knives, etc. into the rotating Beaters.

2. Do not reach into the mixing bowl while Beaters are rotating.

3. The Hand Mixer is designed for short-time operation, a maximum of 10 minutes of continuous mixing. Switch it off after 10 minutes and allow the motor to cool for 30 minutes.

4. To avoid excessive spattering and flour dusting, lower the Beaters fully into the ingredients that are to be processed before turning the Mixer on and turn off before removing.

5. Start at the lowest setting to prevent the dry ingredients from dusting and the liquids from spattering. You can vary the speed settings while the hand mixer is in use.

6. Use a higher setting for heavier dough.

7. After 9 minutes 59 seconds the Timer goes back to ‘00’.


1: To start mixing ingredients
2 & 3: Low speed - to mix dry ingredients, to fold in or blend ingredients
4: To mix liquid ingredients or when adding liquids to dry ingredients
5 & 6: Particularly suited for dry ingredients
7: For the alternate addition of dry and liquid ingredients

9 & 10: Medium speed - to mix packaged cake mixes
11: To whip butter and sugar icings
12 & 13: To beat to a light fluffy consistency
14: To whip mashed potatoes
15: To whip cream
16: High speed – to whip egg whites
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