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Activating your Oven
  1. Make sure lid is securely fastened to fan assembly.
  2. Plug oven cord into outlet.
  3. Make sure hinge assembly is placed over handle on base.
Setting the Fan Speed
  1. Press Fan Speed button. It will toggle back and forth between High and Low.
Setting the Timer
  1. Use /\ and \/ arrows to set timer to desired cooking time.
  2. Press Start/Stop button to start cooking. Timer will display remaining number of minutes.
  3. The oven will automatically shut off when time is up.
  4. You can add or subtract cooking minutes at any time by just pressing the /\ or \/ arrows . The changed time will appear in LED display.
  5. You can stop cooking cycle any time you want by either pressing the Start/Stop button or simply lifting the lid. Programmed cooking times and temperature will remain in memory. To start cooking again, just press Start/Stop.
  6. You can completely shut off oven by pressing and holding the Start/Stop button down for 5 seconds. This will clear out all settings, and reset to default 400°F, 00:00 time and Low fan speed settings.
Setting the Cooking Temperature
  1. Press Time/Temp button once.
  2. The default 400°F setting is displayed.
  3. To change temperature, press Time/Temp button to change to temperature display, then press \/ arrow once for each 25° decrease in temperature you want to set. If you need to go back and increase temperature, press the /\ button.
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