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Before first use
Before using the appliance, READ AND SAVE ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Wipe down the appliance with a soft damp cloth and make sure there is no metal or foreign objects on the temperature control. Wipe dry with soft cloth.

1. Place appliance on a flat, heat resistant, stable surface in a well ventilated area.

2. Make sure the temperature controller is in OFF position. Insert control into inlet on the side of skillet. Then insert plug into electrical outlet.

3. Adjust controller to desired setting. NOTE: The signal light on controller indicates heat setting. When desired setting is reached, the light will turn off. It will continue to cycle on and off during use to indicate heat setting is being automatically maintained.

4. Preheat the skillet with the lid on for 10 minutes or until the indicator light goes out. NOTE: The cooking temperatures listed in this user manual are estimates. Adjust the cooking temperature slightly up or down to achieve the results you prefer.

5. A steam vent is located on the Glass Lid. The steam vent allows steam to escape while cooking with the lid in place. CAUTION: Escaping steam is hot! Be careful when removing or lifting lid. Oven mitts are recommended when removing cover from skillet base or when replacing it.

6. Place food directly onto cooking surface and cook to desired doneness.

7. When finished cooking, turn controller to OFF and remove plug from power outlet.IMPORTANT: To avoid injury wait until the appliance has cooled before removing the temperature controller. NOTE: If heating oil, always leave the lid off. If oil smokes, Immediately turn skillet “OFF” and allow to cool.
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