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• Always unplug base station cord before cleaning.

• Make sure kettle has cooled.

• Clean exterior surfaces with clean, damp, soft cloth or sponge.

• Never use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads.

• Rinse out kettle and gently wipe interior surfaces with lint-free cloth.

• Only water filter is removable from inside kettle. All other parts are permanent.

• Never try to operate kettle with lid open. Always close lid.

• Do not leave standing water in kettle. Always discard unused water and dry interior surfaces when not in use.

• It is normal to see the stainless steel cover of heater at bottom of kettle to change color after use.

• If your water has high iron content brownish stains may appear on heater plate cover and can be removed with cloth and mild abrasive cleaner.

DECALCIFICATION: Boiling water can leave behind harmless, white calcium deposits inside kettle and mainly on stainless steel heater cover.

• Use a commercially available de-calcifying agent and follow instructions on product.

• If kettle switches off before water is boiling, it probably needs to be de-calcified.

• Frequency of de-calcifying will depend on hardness of water and number of uses.
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