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Vacuum sealing using reusable zipper valve bags:

1. Open the NESCO® zipper valve bag with suction valve and place item to be sealed inside the bag. Close bag seal completely by firmly pressing with fingers or use the bag sealing tool (supplied) by inserting open edge of bag into slot of tool and slide across bag seal.

2. Position bag on flat surface with sealing disc facing up. Place vacuum sealer bag suction cup over the sealing disc and press firmly. Push switch button and hold until all air is removed from bag. NOTE: bags are not recommended for liquids.

3. Store perishable items in the refrigerator.

Vacuum sealing using reusable valve canisters:

1. Remove the cover of NESCO® canister (sold seperately from the hand held vacuum sealer and put the items to be sealed into the canister. Leave at least one inch of space between food and cover rim. Clean the cover rim of the canister and bottom seal gasket of the canister cover.

2. Remove outer suction base of vacuum sealer, by turning to unlock and pull to remove. Never use bag suction cup to seal canisters.

3. Position the canister suction into the center hole of the canister cover tightly. Push switch button and hold until all air is removed from canister or until the red pressure indicator button on the canister cover sinks. NOTE: To ensure there is no air leaking between the cover and the canister, use your hand to push down the cover at the beginning of the vacuum sealing process.

4. Remove the vacuum sealer form the canister, and reassemble the outer suction base for storage or next use.

5. To open canister after vacuum sealing, press the “Release“ button on the canister cover. Store perishable items in the refrigerator.
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