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• Do not operate Steam Cooker without water. This could damage appliance and void your warranty.

• Do not use more water than indicated on inside of Base Unit.

• Do not substitute wine or other liquid(s) in place of water.

• Place food in Steam Bowl. Add herbs or spices at end of cooking cycle.

• For large food loads or multiple dishes, use both Upper and Lower Steam Bowls, dividing food evenly. The lower bowl will generally cook faster than upper bowl, place larger foods or longer cooking foods in lower steam bowl. Use one steam bowl for smaller loads.

• Always use Lid on Steam Bowl.

• If both Steam Bowls are used, place Lower Steam Bowl on Base first, then Upper Steam Bowl and Lid.

• Plug power cord into a standard 120 volt outlet. Indicator Light will glow while timer is set. When set time is done, light will turn OFF.

• Turn Dial to set number of minutes required to cook food, based on Cooking Guidelines Charts.

• When removing Steam Bowl(s) use oven mitts to protect against burns from hot steam. CAUTION: Use extreme care when removing Steam Bowl(s). Steam can cause serious burns!

• When cooking is complete, turn dial to “0” and unplug appliance.

Water Amount Guide that is added to the base:

Minimum - 1½ Cup /350 mL - approx. 30 minutes cooking time
Maximum - 2 Cups / 500 mL - approx. 60 minutes cooking time
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