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• Remove bread pan from appliance, before putting in the ingredients. If ingredients reach the baking area, a fire hazard may be caused by ingredients heating up on the heater element.

• Always put the ingredients as stated in order into the bread pan.

• All ingredients should be room temperature to maintain an optimal rising of the yeast.

• Measure the ingredients precisely. Even small deviations from the quantities specified in the recipe may affect the baking results.
Warning: Never use larger quantities than those specified. Too much dough can rise out of the bread pan and drop onto the hot heating element, causing a fire hazard.


Note: The maximum quantities of flour and yeast is 680g (1.5 lb.) recipes.

1. Place the bread machine on a flat and stable surface.

2.Remove bread pan from appliance by using handle turn to the left and lift.

3. Push the kneading paddle onto the drive shaft in the bread pan. Make sure it is firmly in place.

4. Put the ingredients into the bread pan. First add the liquids, sugar and salt, then the flour, adding the yeast as the last ingredient. (For best results make sure that yeast does not come into contact with salt or liquid).

5. Using handle, lift and place the bread pan back into the appliance and twist right to lock.

6. Close the appliance lid.

7. Plug cord into a 120V electrical outlet.

8. Select desired program using the “MENU” button.

9. Select the crust color (Light, Medium or Dark) using “Color” button.

10. Select loaf size (1.0 lb or 1.5 lb.) using “LOAF” button.

11. After selecting desired settings, start the program using the “Start/Stop” button. The display will show the time remaining until program is done.

12. Taking out the bread, always use pot holders or oven gloves. Using the handle, turn to the left to unlock and lift to remove. Hold the bread pan tilted over a cooling rack and shake lightly until the bread slides out of the bread pan. Do not use any metal objects that may lead to scratches on the non-stick coating. After removing the bread, immediately rinse the bread pan with warm water. This prevents the kneading paddles from sticking to the drive shaft.

13. Let the bread cool for 15-30 minutes before eating. Before cutting bread, make sure that kneading paddle is not in the loaf.
Tip: Remove the kneading paddle after the last kneading of the dough and the bread will remain whole when removed from bread pan. To do this, briefly press the Start/Stop button, to interrupt the baking process or pull the plug out of the wall socket. Open the appliance lid and take the dough out with floured hands and remove the kneading paddle. Replace the dough and close the lid. Connect plug back into the electrical outlet and press the “Start/Stop” button. The program will be resumed. End of a program

- When the baking process has been completed, an audible signal is heard and the display indicates 0:00. The appliance automatically changes to a warming mode for up to 1 hour. In this mode, warm air circulates inside the appliance. You can turn off the warming function by keeping the “Start/Stop” button pressed until audible signal is heard or remove plug from electrical outlet.
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