To Cook With Your Roaster « Back

  • Place cookwell in heatwell. ALWAYS use cookwell; NEVER place food or liquids directly in heatwell.
  • Place food/liquids that you wish to make in cookwell. The rack may be used for baking or "fat-free" roasting. Other foods, such as meats, soups, and stews are prepared without rack.
  • Cover. (Always cook with cover on.)
  • Turn to appropriate temperature.
  • Cook as desired. When finished, turn temperature control to its lowest setting. Unplug from wall.
  • Cookwell, cover, and accumulated steam will be hot. Use caution and hot pads to lift cover or remove cookwell for serving.
Note: Preheating is recommended for baking and some specific foods. Preheat only if recommended in recipe.
To preheat, position cookwell in heatwell and cover. Set to desired temperature. Preheat 15 minutes. Carefully, using hot pads, add food to cookwell; Cover and cook.
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