"2b"Operating Instructions

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• Place the appliance on a flat surface.

• Remove Lid by lifting. Remove Grind Cup by turning counter-clockwise direction. Fill coffee beans into the stainless steel grind cup. Do not fill grind cup fully, leave about 1/2” [12mm] space for beans to move around.

• Replace Grind Cup by turning clockwise to “lock” and position Lid securely.

• Plug the cord into 120V AC electrical outlet.

• Hold unit steady with one hand, using the other hand, press the operating button on the lid down to switch ON the blades. To stop grinding, simply release the operating button. Do not remove the lid before the blades have stopped rotating.

• This appliance is intended for an operation maximum of 20 seconds on.

• When the blades have stopped - unplug the unit - Remove lid and ground coffee.

• Experiment with the length of grind to get exactly the grind you prefer.
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