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1. Place funnel over tea filter and fill with desired amount of tea, you may use loose leaf tea or tea bags. (Generally 1-1/2 teaspoons per 10 oz. cup). Remove funnel and place tea filter into the steeping chamber, close lid and insert into the upper compartment.

2. Open tank cover completely and fill with cold water to the desire amount. Do not exceed the MAX fill line on the water gauge but make sure to fill the water tank to at least the MIN fill line. Allow water to drain completely into tank before closing the lid.

3. Insert carafe into lower compartment with lid closed.

4. Insert plug into a 120 volt electrical outlet.

5. Set steeping control to desired setting, between 2 and 16 minutes. Press the power switch; you will hear a loud click and a red light in the switch will illuminate indicating the tea maker is activated. One minute into the brewing cycle you will hear
another loud click.

6. Soon the water within the tank will boil and then release into the steeping chamber. Depending on your predetermined setting for steeping time (between 2 and 16 minutes) you will hear another loud click and the tea maker will automatically allow the water in the steeping chamber to drain into the tea carafe. At this point the indicator light on the switch will illuminate to green.

7. The tea is ready to serve. The warming plate, located under the carafe, will keep your tea hot for one hour before automatically turning off.

Built in Automatic Safety Settings
- The tea maker can only be operated with the steeping chamber and carafe fully inserted into the compartments mentioned in the instructions above.

- If the steeping chamber or carafe is removed during the brewing cycle the appliance will stop operation, the indicator lamp will flash red. If the removed parts are not re-inserted the tea maker will turn off in 10 minutes, if the removed parts are re-inserted prior to 10 minutes the tea maker will return to normal operation.

- The tea maker will automatically turn off one hour after final brewing cycle.
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