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1) Unwrap cord and place base station on a sturdy and flat surface.

2) Open the kettle lid by pressing the center lid lock button and using it as a knob to lift and remove the lid.

3) Fill with cold water up to the desired level between the minimum and maximum levels for the proper functioning and security of the kettle.

• Do not overfill past the maximum level. Boiling water may spill out during heating and cause burn injury.
• Never fill the kettle with anything other than water.
• Do not add instant soup or use to thaw food.

4) Replace lid and press down the center lid lock button.

5) Place kettle onto base station. Be sure kettle is securely placed, it should be flat and center. Connect cord to electrical outlet.

6) Gently press the ON/OFF switch downward. The indicator lamp will turn on and the
heating cycle will begin.

7) When the water comes to a boil the kettle will turn off automatically and indicator lamp will turn off indicating the heating cycle is complete.

8) Lift the kettle by the handle and slowly tilt to pour water from spout into cup.

9) When disconnecting plug from electrical outlet, always turn off the kettle or lift kettle from base station. Always grasp the plug when removing from electrical outlet.
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