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1. Place NESCO® food slicer on a flat stable surface.

2. If appliance is being used for the first time, follow Cleaning Instructions.

3. Be sure Switch is ‘off’, then plug into a standard 120V AC electrical outlet.

4. Place a suitable tray or plate behind slicer to collect the sliced food.

5. Place food onto Food Carriage between Support Plate and Slicing Guard. To avoid danger of injury, always use Food Carriage and Slicing Guard while cutting.

6. Adjust the slice thickness by turning the Thickness Adjustment Knob to desired thickness.

7. Place the food to be sliced on Food Carriage and slide Food Carriage back so food is clear of Blade. Slide Safety Lock Tab towards Switch and press Switch to start the slicer. Grasp the Slicing Guard with the other hand.

8. To begin slicing, push food in towards Pressure Plate with the Slicing Guard. Slide Food Carriage back and repeat until you have sliced the desired amount of food.

9. When finished, depress Switch to turn OFF unit. Note: If unit is unplugged during use the Switch will remain in the ON position when restarting. Always check that the Switch is in OFF position and always keep hands away from blade.

10. For safety, always return Thickness Adjustment Knob to ‘0’ after use to shield sharp edge of Blade.
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