"3a"Before Using your Toaster « Back

Carefully remove your toaster from its box.
Remove all packaging from inside the bread slots.

• Position your toaster on a stable, secure, dry and level work surface away from the edge.

• Bread may burn therefore do not use the appliance near or below combustible materials such as curtains.

• Never use the toaster below wall cupboards or shelves.

• Before connecting to a power source, make sure your supply voltage is the same as the one indicated on the appliance.

• Connect the plug to a suitable power outlet and make sure that the power cord does not overhang the work surface.

• When you first use your toaster, there may be a slight odor as the heating elements warm up for the first time. This is quite normal and not a cause for concern. To remove the odor, simply operate your toaster for the first time without any bread in it.
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