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  1. Remove all packaging materials before using first time.
  1. Put lid on grounds bin and slide into coffee grinder, pushing it back until it clicks into place.
  1. Remove hopper lid from bean hopper.
  1. Put required amount of coffee beans in bean hopper, the amount will vary with the type of coffee and your own taste. We suggest a tablespoon of ground coffee to one 6 oz. cup of coffee.
  1. Replace hopper lid on bean hopper.
  1. Move grinding size wheel to desired setting. The wheel is marked as 1 (fine) to 9 (course) with settings midway between each number. As a guide, we suggest 1-3 for Espressos, 4-6 for filtered coffeemakers and 7-9 for Percolators, etc.

  1. Set timer to the number of cups to be ground 0 - 12. This is only a guide as Fine grinding will take longer than Course grinding.
  1. Plug cord into 120 volt electrical outlet. If it does not fit, rotate plug 180°, if it still does not fit contact a certified electrician.
  1. Press and release On/Off switch. The coffee grinder will start, the beans will begin to fall between grinding wheels and ground coffee will be ejected into grounds bin.
  1. When coffee grinder stops, press On/Off switch and remove plug from electrical outlet.
  1. If you need to grind more coffee, please wait one minute before reusing.
  1. Clean grinder after each use. Coffee left over can become stale and get mixed in with next batch.

  1. After one minute of use (12 Cups), let grinder cool for one minute before reusing.
  2. Do not operate more than 2 minutes at one time.
  3. Before cleaning, turn timer to “0” (off) and press On/Off switch. Then remove plug from electrical outlet. It is now ready to be cleaned.
  4. The grinding wheels are fixed and cannot be removed.
  5. Other than cleaning, no additional maintenance or servicing of this appliance is required. If repairs are needed, follow instructions in Warranty (pg. 5).
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