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Problem Cause Solution
Fish scales not removed Water level too low or too high;
Dirty Drum (inside);
Damaged Drum
Adjust water level to 1/4 inch inside Drum,
Clean Drum,
Contact The Metal Ware Corp.*
Motor not running Switch turned OFF;
not plugged in;
Outlet not energized;
Damaged Power Cord.
Turn Switch to ON;
Insert plug into outlet;
Check fuses or circuit breaker;
Return Unit to The Metal Ware Corp.*
Motor Runs, Drum not turning Drive Coupling not engaged;
Damaged Motor Drive or Coupling Mechanism
Insert Drive Shaft into Drive Coupling;
Return Unit to The Metal Ware Corp.*
Motor runs then stops Motor overheated** Turn unit OFF for several minutes then turn Switch ON
Circuit breaker opens Motor defective or Power Cord defective Return Unit to The Metal Ware Corp.*
GFCI circuit opens
(Ground Fault Circuit Interupter)
Motor is damp or wet;
Defective GFCI;
Motor Defective
Dry appliance thoroughly;
Call electrician to check GFCI;
Return Unit to The Metal Ware Corp.*

*The Metal Ware Corporation
Repair/Customer Service

**The motor features a built-in thermal device that will turn the motor off if an overheat condition occurs. The thermal device will automatically reset after motor has cooled.
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