Heating Up Your Holiday Drinks

    The NESCO 1.8 Liter Glass Water Kettle is ideal for making delicious hot holiday drinks. It boils water faster than a microwave and uses half the energy of a stovetop. 1500 watts of power quickly heats water for all your drinks like Tom & Jerry’s, hot toddies, spiced teas and hot instant cocoas. For great Tom & Jerry’s the Internet offers dozens of delicious recipes. The base of hot water, whipped eggs and liquor makes the perfect foundation for a rich creamy drink. From there the added flavor combinations are almost endless. Grated nutmeg and cinnamon are a [...]

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Tea Tips. Yummy Good.

This holiday season try using dehydrated fruits for a boost of flavor to your cup of tea. Start with a cup of hot water from your NESCO Glass Water Kettle and your favorite tea. Then add ground dehydrated dried oranges and dried cinnamon apple slices. This also works great with cider or plain hot water. Start with small amounts and adjust to your liking. Another favorite of ours is just plain hot water with dried lemon slices from our NESCO/American Harvest Food Dehydrator and a mint leaf . . . mmm good. Try one of these tips and let us [...]

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