Master The Trendy Sous Vide Cooking Method

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Want to cook that ribeye steak or juicy chicken breast to perfection but don’t have time to babysit the grill? NESCO Vacuum Sealer Rolls pair perfectly with the sous vide cooking method to cook your favorite foods without hassle.

Previously reserved for fine-dining restaurants and professional chefs, sous vide (pronounced soo-veed) has emerged as an innovative new trend in consumer kitchens all over the world. The term “sous vide” is derived from a French word meaning “under vacuum.”

Food is cooked in sealed bags using circulating water heated to a specific temperature. The sous vide method creates several conveniences including the ability to cook foods to a safe temperature without fear of under or overcooking and with little guesswork.

Recipes like the one below tell you exactly how to prep your protein, what temperature to cook it at, and how long to let it cook. Cook times vary depending on the size of the cut and the type of meat. It’s a fool-proof method as long as you have the right equipment, which is why the sous vide trend is so popular.

NESCO Vacuum Sealer Rolls are a must-have for sous vide at home

Sous vide cookers come in varying sizes with varying degrees of technology. The cooker not only maintains the temperature of the water in your pot it also circulates the water to ensure slow, even cooking throughout.

Once your protein is seasoned and prepped it can be vacuum sealed and placed in the pot. The vacuum seal protects the protein and locks in moisture and flavor. NESCO Vacuum Sealer Rolls are BPA, PVC and Phthalates free which ensures safe and chemical-free cooking during the process.

The sous vide method definitely takes more time than traditional methods, a 12 oz steak can take as long as two hours, but for most the ‘set it and forget it’ convenience, coupled with the enhanced flavor and perfect cook is worth it.

After cooking it, you can remove the protein from the sealed bag and sear it in a hot skillet to add color, and serve. Or once it is fully cooked, it can remain fresh for more than a week in your refrigerator inside NESCO Vacuum Sealer Rolls.

Use sous vide cooking for meal prep and impress your friends and family with this trendy and delicious method.

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