11 Qt. Digital Pressure Cooker


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  • 1500 watts stainless steel base with large lid handle
  • Digital control panel with LED display
  • Presets for browning, steaming, slow cooking, time delay, rice, keep warm, and high/low pressure cooking
  • Aluminum alloy non-stick inner cooking pot
  • Includes measuring cup, spoon, and rack
  • Pressure release valve
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The NESCO® 11QT stainless steel digital control pressure cooker allows you to brown, steam, slow cook, keep warm and cook rice. This pressure cooker is great for large recipes.

The programmable digital timer can be set to delay cooking. Ideal for making healthy & delicious home made soups, stews and chili. Fish, chicken, and vegetables cook to perfection in minutes. Pressure cooking preserves flavors and nutrients, and speed cooks inexpensive cuts of meat into great tasting meals.

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Weight24 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 17 in

6 reviews for 11 Qt. Digital Pressure Cooker

  1. Steve B (verified owner)

    I am less than a week into ownership of the Nesco 11 quart pressure cooker and, so far, I love it! Without spending more than just a few minutes reviewing the instructions, I found the unit to be easy to understand and generally intuitive to use. On the first night, I took two different recipes and combined them to prepare a delicious Lemon Chicken and Veggies dish that satisfied both the meat eaters and vegetarians in the family, all in one pot! What would have taken at least twice as long to cook, with a ton more cleanup afterward, was ready for the table from prep to “yum” in just over 30 minutes! The saute feature worked well, and the non-stick, aluminum pot distributed the heat evenly to make cooking a lot of food an easy task! I also learned (this morning) how to make perfect “hard boiled” eggs, using the steam setting. They cook in less than ten minutes, and peel more easily than any I’ve ever done the conventional way, no draining necessary! I will never boil another egg in my life, the old way, so long as I have access to a pressure cooker. The design of this Nesco is clean and sleek, and the build quality seems solid. I own other Nesco products and have been very satisfied with their long-term quality. It remains to be seen how well this new pressure cooker will hold up, but I am cautiously optimistic that it will be used regularly for a very long time. I gave this Nesco 4 of 5 stars for several minor reasons. First, while the electronic controls are easy to use, I would have liked to have seen a few “pre-set” program buttons available for “one-touch” use. While there is really no mystery as to how to make this product duplicate a recipe one might find online for another pressure cooker, some customers prefer the convenience that pre-programmed settings bring to the table (pun intended, lol). I also would like to see a separate set of “up” and “down” timer-adjust buttons, so that cooking time can easily be adjusted both up and down from the default selection of each setting. For example, when I wanted to “steam” the eggs this morning, the recipe called for 3 to 6 minutes, but the steam setting defauts to 10 minutes. This meant that I had to tap forward all the way to the highest time setting before the timer came full circle and reset to 00, where I could incrementally add the 6 minutes I wanted. Adding all of these extra buttons in a logical way (as other companies have done) would add very minimally to the cost of an already expensive pressure cooker, while making some cooking operations much easier. I imagine that Nesco may have chosen to keep the control pad neat and clean, but a well organized control center could have provided more functionality without confusion. Another feature I’d like to see, especially on an extra large model like this one, is a trivet (the circular wire framed platform that raises food above the liquid at the bottom) that has handles sticking up to allow for easy removal of the food sitting on top of it. Again, the cost difference versus the basic trivet included would be very small, but would really improve usability for the customer. Finally, I would like to see Nesco offer an optional stainless steel cooking pot for the unit. I love the non-stick aluminum pot that comes with the unit, but having the option to drop in a more “forgiving” stainless pot would make the prospect of cooking more abrasive foods less worrisome over the long term. If Nesco were to offer a full slate of very useful accessories they could very easily dominate the large pressure cooker market, especially if they incorporate my other suggestions to produce the very best pressure cooker available. I will update my review as time goes by, assuming this site allows for updates, but for now I will close by stating that I am looking forward to exploring all of the wonderful cooking options that this pressure cooker brings to my kitchen!

  2. CT W Dayton, OH (verified owner)

    This would be a perfect product in my mind if they have a Stainless Steel Pot. I would definitely buy one if they sell it. Steve B’s review is pretty much right on. I was worried after reading his review about how it doesn’t have a down cook time button or presets. But after having used it, I think Nesco did the smart thing. As anyone who’s ever cooked with a manual pressure cooker can tell you, the tendency is to overcook and end up with burnt food. By keeping the choices simple and the upper limit of the cook timer low they solved this problem. Cycling through the clock doesn’t take that long since it does fast forward with the buttons held down and it takes logical leap intervals. As for eggs, try setting the valve to pressure, then hit the low pressure button 5, 6, 7 or 8 times (That’s how I like my hard “boil” eggs). If you hit it too many times, just hit start/stop and go again. Not that bad.

  3. Mark G (verified owner)

    Bought this as a Christmas gift for my mother. She had used her little Presto for years and occasionally she would over-cook something. She has definitely put in her time and deserved an easier/better product. This NESCO pressure cooker is it…with a VERY important caveat! Mom used her NESCO cooker successfully the first time she used it. The second time the seal leaked, water seeped, and it took forever to get up to temp. Furthermore, the third attempt a few weeks later saw us calling NESCO because the lid was seized onto the cooker requiring hours of tedious fiddling and a pry-bar with a rubber mallet to remove the lid. Nonetheless, NESCO replaced the lid and customer service was outstanding!!! In the meantime, we discovered what had happened. Upon close inspection of the parts the removable lid liner that the seal mounts to can be placed upside-down. There is an aluminum or stainless nipple that needs to point into the cooker NOT towards the lid. To place this simple lid liner in the wrong direction yields hours of frustration and ruined meals. It may sound as though we are upset, but it is quite the opposite. We really like the function and looks of the NESCO 11qt cooker!!! And, now that we know the lid liner MUST go in only ONE direction; we love it even more. NOTE TO NESCO: Simple stamped directions on the lid liner stating, “This side towards lid,” would solve a lot of aggravation. Should be easier than a redesign too.

  4. john B (verified owner)

    Slow cooker function does not work. Timer does not count down and blinking light never goes off. Works great as a pressure cooker, though.

  5. Lori L (verified owner)

    I told all of my family & friends how much I love this pressure cooker. I told them about all of the meals I was quickly preparing in it! Then the trivet began to rust & moisture escaped through the handle. I became disappointed.

  6. Roxanna W Millfield, OH (verified owner)

    I hate to cook after a long work day, but this pot has changed everything! It cuts cooking time in half but turns out perfect food every time. Cheaper cuts of meat come out so tender. Boiled eggs peel so easy. A one pot meal so quick and easy on a busy work night. You can even set the time so it is fresh cooked and done when you get home! I love this pot!

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