Fajita Jerky Seasoning 10 Pound Yield

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  • Each 10 pack includes 10 Spice Seasoning packs of the same flavor. 10 Cures packs are also included.


Every jerky maker is looking for the perfect recipe that makes their meat taste just right. This Fajita jerky spice has a mild Mexican flavor with a hint of green pepper.

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Make great tasting Beef Jerky or Venison Jerky at Home!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

3 reviews for Fajita Jerky Seasoning 10 Pound Yield

  1. Clay K Jacksonville, FL (verified owner)

    Fajita flavor spice marinade contaminated my entire house and especially my refrigerator’s ice maker. Marinading meat was enclosed in zip-loc bags; there were no leaks… After 3 weeks, my ice maker’s output still tastes like Fajita.

  2. Jackie F Parrish, FL (verified owner)

    Gives the flavor of fajitas without having to make a batch! I used it for ground beef jerky, so it never went inside my fridge. I’m not sure what the other reviewer is talking about. Smells wonderful to me!

  3. Norm

    The first reviewer did it wrong. Why was it in the ice maker? smh I hope that’s not why it is a close out. Its an acquired taste. Very good. Just mix it with ground beef. Dehydrate it alone. Clean trays thoroughly.

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