Baked Beans

Your next get-together isn’t complete without our easy Baked Beans. The sweet and savory recipe combines molasses, tangy ketchup and mustard, and of course, lots of bacon. The NESCO 18 Qt. Roaster Oven can hold enough beans to serve a crowd. Tip: if you don’t have molasses, substitute it with 2 cups of maple syrup, 1 ½ cups brown sugar, 1 ½ cups granulated sugar, and ½ cup water. 

Your Key Ingredient:

NESCO 18 Qt. Roaster Oven

Grocery Ingredients:

1 lb Great Northern Navy Beans, dried
1 lb pinto or brown beans, dried
1 lb black-eyed peas, dried
6 cups water hot
2 cups dark molasses
1 cup cider vinegar
1 cup brown sugar
1 lb thick-sliced bacon, cut in 1″ pieces
2 large onions, diced
2 Tbsp mustard
1 cup ketchup


  1. Add beans to unheated cookwell. Cover with 4 quarts hot water.
  2. Let stand several hours or overnight. Drain.
  3. Preheat 18 Qt. NESCO® Roaster Oven to 300° F. Add remaining ingredients, except ketchup, to beans.
  4. Stir in 6 cups hot water. Cover. Bake 2 hours or until beans are tender.
  5. Reduce temperature to 250° F. Stir; cover and bake 5 hours.
  6. Stir in ketchup. Cover and bake 1 hour.
  7. To hold: Reduce temperature to 200° F. Add hot water or tomato juice if beans begin to dry. Serves 25