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Electric pressure cooker recipes make mealtime easy

NESCO Electric Pressure Cooker Digital Control Panel Close UpWhether you’re hosting for the holidays or just need an answer for those hasty weeknight dinners, NESCO’s electric pressure cooker recipes will completely change the way you plan and prepare meals.

The recipes are simple. Just add ingredients and cover with the locking lid.

As the NESCO® Digital Pressure Cooker heats up, it safely traps steam inside — decreasing the cooking time of most foods by approximately 70 percent.

So if you’re craving perfect barbecued short ribs, candied sweet potatoes, chicken cacciatore, or lemon cheesecake, the pressure cooker, and our electric pressure cooker recipes can make it happen — fast.

“The pressure cooker is perfect for quick and efficient cooking, browning and steaming your favorite meals,” says Dan Kuenzi, senior VP of sales and marketing at NESCO.

Advantages of electric pressure cooker recipes

  • Healthy: vitamins and minerals are sealed in.
  • Fast: saves both prep and cook time.
  • Easy: less clean up.
  • Delicious: food tastes better and retains flavor.

NESCO makes 6 Qt. and 8 Qt. digital pressure cookers – each with removable, dishwasher safe, non-stick cooking pots designed for quick cooking and easy cleanup.

The multifunctional control panel provides set programs to ensure consistent results for a wide variety of cooking options.

“Cook fish, chicken, soups, vegetables, and even desserts in just minutes,” says Kuenzi. “The electric pressure cooker recipes are ideal for busy people.”

Our goal is to free up your time, to get you back to what’s important to you. This holiday season, give the gift of time to yourself, or to those you love, with an 18 Qt. Roaster Oven or the 6 Qt. Digital Pressure Cooker. Don’t forget to check our website for easy roaster oven and electric pressure cooker recipes.

NESCO: Your Key Ingredient

At NESCO, we believe life is an occasion worth celebrating. We’re dedicated to being Your Key Ingredient in those celebrations by making cooking enjoyable again with our complete line of innovative small kitchen appliances and accessories. NESCO began as the National Enameling and Stamping Company and created the first Roaster Oven in 1931. NESCO is currently headquartered in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

To purchase NESCO products visit or for more information call 1-800-288-4545.

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