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Jet Stream® Breakfast - Jet Steam Oven

1 package refrigerated cinnamon rolls
1 package precooked sausage links
1 package browned hash brown patties
6 eggs in shell *

Place cinnamon rolls in a circle around edge of bottom rack (in upper position) of the Nesco®/American Harvest® Jet Stream Oven®.
Place a sausage link between each of the rolls, placing any extra in center of rack.

Add hash brown patties and eggs* in shell. Bake on low fan speed at 400° F for approximately 8 minutes. Remove rolls and spread on icing.

* For soft-boiled, 5 to 6 minutes;
* for medium-boiled, 6 to 7 minutes;
* for hard-boiled, 7 to 8 minutes

Serves 3-6

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