The Original.
The Legacy.

We’re more than just a trusted brand with a solid reputation. NESCO® means bringing everyone together for all the special occasions that fill your life like Thanksgiving, or just a weeknight dinner with your family. Starting as the National Enameling and Stamping Company, we invented the Original Roaster Oven in Milwaukee, Wisconsin way back in 1931. The Wisconsin Electrical Company brought Roasters around to the rural areas of the state promoting the use of electricity in homes. This new versatile appliance replaced the wood-burning stoves that were common at the time, because of its ability to cook a meal quickly without heating up the house in the hot summer. Throughout the years, we became the brand of Roaster that everyone came to depend on for all the special moments in life.

We may be the originator of the Roaster Oven that has been a staple in kitchens for generations, but we are now so much more. When it comes to small kitchen appliances, NESCO® provides stylish designs trusted for performance, relied upon for durability, and endeared for their savory results. Whether you’re searching for that perfect gift, looking to make dinner at home yourself, or get the most for your money, our innovative products put the joy back in cooking, making kitchen time more enjoyable.

Today, our message is the same—celebrate with food, family, and friends. Celebrate the big game or that it’s Wednesday. Sit down and have a stay at home dinner or bring the party with you with our portable appliances. Life is an occasion worth celebrating, and we’re dedicated to being YOUR KEY INGREDIENT™.

NESCO is owned by The Metal Ware Corporation and based in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.