Healthy Avocado Toast with Eggs

Hard cooked eggs have never been easier with the NESCO deluxe Egg Cooker. Add the eggs to avocado toast for a healthy way to start your day. Healthy Avocado Toast with Hard Boiled Eggs 8 eggs 2 avocados chia seeds sunflower seeds 1/4 teaspoon salt Freshly ground black pepper Wholegrain bread fresh basil leaves Measure the amount of water for hard boiled marked on the measuring cup and pour water into base. Use the pin on the measuring cup and prick each egg before placing on the tray (reduces cracking egg shells). Remove the eggs and peel the egg shells [...]

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Toast Topping Tips

We all know of our traditional toast toppings such as our favorite butter, PB&J, cream cheese and so on. However it's fun to venture out.  Next time you make perfectly done toast in your NESCO Two Slice Toaster try one or more of the following. Let us know what you think, or some of your favorite or unusual toppings. 1. Peanut butter and mayo 2. Cold meatloaf and ketchup 3. Cheddar cheese and apple butter 4. Fried Spam and sliced pineapple 5. Peanut butter with a few drizzles of chocolate syrup 6. Cake frosting and crushed dried fruit 7. Cream [...]

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