Gooey S’mores Bars

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With these Gooey S'mores Gars, you'll feel like you're sitting around the campfire no matter where you are. The graham cracker crust, the soft marshmallow, and the layer of chocolate combine to recreate your childhood favorite in a bar that you can bring to parties, barbecues, or potlucks. Just make sure to bring extra napkins.

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Catherine’s Famous Baked Beans

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Trust us, Catherine’s Famous Baked Beans are famous for a reason. The key ingredient? Your NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster Oven. In just a few steps, you can enjoy thick, savory beans smothered in a sweet and tangy sauce. The NESCO Roaster Oven keeps beans warm for hours. Don’t be surprised if this tasty side outshines the main dish. 

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Swiss Chicken Casserole

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Look no further for the perfect holiday side dish. Our Swiss Chicken Casserole might just become your next family tradition with its irresistibly creamy sauce and crunchy toppings. Your NESCO Slow Cooker is the Key Ingredient to saving you time on this flavorful dish. Simply add ingredients, choose heat settings, and serve up comfort in just a few hours. Tip: use fresh green beans instead of canned. 

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Macaroni And Cheese Casserole

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If you love macaroni and cheese, our Macaroni and Cheese Casserole recipe was meant for you. This recipe features not just one, but TWO types of delicious cheeses. You can count on your NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster Oven to ensure every spoonful is perfectly creamy. For a more filling main meal, toss in your favorite protein such as tuna or ham.

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Lasagna Rolls – 6, 12 or 18Qt. Roaster

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8 oz lasagna noodles (10 noodles)1 lb ground beef1/2 cup onion, chopped1 clove garlic, minced1/4 tsp basil2 jars (15½ oz) spaghetti sauce1½ cups Ricotta Cheese2 eggs6 Tbsp Parmesan Cheese, grated…

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How to Roast Turkey

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Make this Thanksgiving one to remember with our classic Roast Turkey recipe. With its durable cookwell and large interior, your NESCO 18Qt. Roaster holds up to a 22-pound turkey to feed the entire family. The perfect Thanksgiving doesn’t have to take you hours in the kitchen. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying tender, juicy meat that goes perfectly with Grandma’s gravy.

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Slow Cooker Macaroni And Cheese

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We’re pretty sure heaven tastes like an ultra-creamy spoonful of Macaroni and Cheese. If you’ve got mac ‘n cheese on the mind, this recipe is for you. Use your NESCO Slow Cooker to soften noodles into your cheesiest, gooiest pasta dish yet. Simply add ingredients, set time, and go about your day until ready. Once ready, you can even take it on-the-go. This meal is great to share at your next potluck or to indulge in right out of the slow cooker (we won’t judge).

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Beef Roast – 12 or 18Qt. Roaster

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3 - 5 lb standing rump roast1¼ oz dry onion soup mixPreheat Nesco® Roaster Oven to 400º F.Lightly wipe cookwell with cooking oil. Set meat directly in preheated cookwell. Sprinkle…

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“Bring a Dish” Macaroni & Cheese – 6Qt. Roaster

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12 oz macaroni1 small onion, finely chopped3 Tbsp butter or margarine, divided2 Tbsp flour13 oz evaporated milk1/4 cup milk4 cups (1 lb) Sharp, processed American Cheese, shreddeddash pepper14 saltine crackers,…

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Beef Stroganoff Dinner – 12 or 18Qt. Roaster

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6 lbs round steak, cut in 1" cubes4 lg onions1/4 cup butter1 lb fresh whole mushrooms6 cups beef stock (or 2 cups beef stock, 1 cup burgundy wine, 2 cups…

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Baked Bean Casserole

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Nothing beats hamburger with a side of beans, so why not combine the two for the perfect casserole meal? Our Baked Bean Casserole will be popular at any get together with its delicious brown sugar base simmered with salty bacon. We recommend using a variety of beans for just the right amount of texture. If you need to feed a crowd, your NESCO 18 Qt. Roaster Oven is the solution to helping you serve up flavor by the spoonful.

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Whole Chicken

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Simplify your cooking with our delicious Whole Chicken recipe. Your NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster Oven allows you to cook an entire chicken all at once. You can even take your chicken on-the-go with the NESCO Roaster Oven portable and stay-cool side handles. Tender, juicy, and satisfying, this classic recipe is the ideal main dish for almost any occasion.

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Beef Tenderloin – 12 or 18Qt. Roaster

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4 lb beef tenderloin1 cup teriyaki sauce1/3 cup soy sauce1/4 cup beef broth1/4 cup warm honey1 green onion, chopped1 clove garlic, minced1 Tbsp celery seed1 tsp ground black pepper1/4 tsp…

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Taco Meat – 4, 5 or 6Qt. Roaster

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2 lbs ground beef2 onions, chopped1/2 cup taco sauce1 Tbsp Worcestershire® Sauce1 Tbsp chili powder1 tsp salt1 tsp oregano1/4 tsp cumin1/4 tsp pepper1/4 cup waterCook ground beef in skillet until…

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Meat Loaf – 4, 5 or 6Qt. Roaster

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1½ lbs ground chuck1 envelope dry onion soup mix1 egg, beaten1 Tbsp Worcestershire® sauce1/3 cup ketsup1 cup soft bread crumbs1/2 cup warm waterPreheat Nesco® Roaster Oven to 350º F. Mix…

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Lazy Lasagna

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Authentic-tasting lasagna doesn’t have to take hours in the kitchen. If you’re craving classic Italian flavor in half the time, this Lazy Lasagna recipe is for you. Using your NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster Oven, simply layer prepared ingredients in the cookwell, cover, and bake. Your whole family will love every bite of this steamy, cheesy entree. For vegetarian-style, just swap out ground meat for your favorite veggies.

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Baby Back Ribs

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The perfect backyard barbecue is in your future with our Baby Back Ribs recipe. This summer, enjoy entertaining instead of grilling with the help of your NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster Oven. Simply preheat oven, arrange meat in cookwell, and roast until tender. Smothered in a sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, your ribs will become the topic of conversation.

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Roast Pork – 12 or 18Qt. Roaster

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6 to 8 lb pork loin roast, center cut2 Tbsp Dijon-style mustard2 Tbsp margarine1 Tbsp brown sugar1/2 Tbsp ground black pepper1 tsp thyme, crushedPreheat Nesco® Roaster Oven to 400ºF.Lightly wipe…

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Spaghetti Sauce – Roaster or Slow Cooker

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2 lbs ground beef2 onions, chopped1 green pepper, chopped2 stalks celery, chopped2 cloves garlic, minced4oz mushrooms, sliced, drained16oz whole tomatoes2 cans (6oz each) tomato paste2 cans (8oz each) tomato sauce1…

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