Sundae Bar

Sundae Bar

Just when you thought your NESCO Roaster couldn’t get any more amazing! When you’re not using it for cooking, gear up your NESCO 18 Qt. Roaster Oven for serving. Its versatile display allows for easy access to any buffet-style meal. Ice cream toppings such as fresh fruit and whipped cream stay chilled all afternoon. Check out our sundae bar suggestions below.

Your Key Ingredient:

NESCO 18 Qt. Roaster Oven

Grocery Ingredients:

Assorted sundae toppings, such as nuts, sprinkles, fruit, and cookie pieces


  1. Leave your NESCO® 18 Qt. Roaster Oven unplugged and fill with ice.
  2. Place Buffet Kit in Roaster on top of ice.
  3. Fill with your favorite sundae toppings and enjoy!

Ice In Sundae Bar

Strawberries, Brownie Bites, and Pineapples In Sundae Bar