6 Qt. Digital Pressure Cooker


  • Available Color/Flavor: Stainless Steel ($79.99)
  • Pressure cook (high or low)
  • Includes rack, measuring cup, spoon and condensation drip cup as well as non-stick liner pot
  • LED display & soft-touch controls
  • 6 Liter capacity
  • Delayed start feature
  • Covers locks securely into place
  • Slow cook – Cooks recipes slowly (12 hour timer) and at a low heat (180°F)
  • 1000 watts
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The NESCO® 6 Liter Pressure Cooker is sleek, safe and quiet.

The NESCO® 6 Liter Pressure Cooker is equipped with several built-in safety features which will not allow the cooker to open while under pressure. The NESCO® 6 Liter Pressure Cooker is a sealed vessel, as the pressure inside increases, the boiling point of the water increases, which allows the liquid to rise to a higher temperature before boiling so the food cooks up to 70% quicker than traditional cooking. Even more impressive, the NESCO® 6 Liter Pressure Cooker is really four appliances in one: pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker and rice cooker. Slow cooks food easily with the 12 hour timer, low heat (180º) to retain natural flavors and tenderness.

The NESCO® 6 Liter Pressure Cooker also has a warm setting and browning setting. The warm setting can be manually used or will automatically switch to warm after using a High or Low setting.

Functions are preset and programmable for up to an eight hour delay, so dinner’s ready when you get home. Self-locking lid and non-stick cooking insert are removable for easy clean-up. The tight lid is secure for transporting food to potlucks. Great for busy people!

Pressure Cooker Manual

Cooking Chart Timetables

Pressure Cooker Recipes

Barbecued Beef Short Ribs Recipes





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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 17 in


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