Deluxe Vacuum Sealer

Deluxe Vacuum Sealer
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The new NESCO® VS-12 Deluxe Vacuum Sealer gives you the ability to choose what settings work best for the food you are sealing. Choose from regular for firm items and gentle for softer foods. Sealing choices of dry, moist and double.

The pulse vacuum option is great for sealing delicate items like buns and bakery. Simply press the manual seal button to double seal when you have reached the desired vacuum level.

Features a double vacuum pump for optimal performance and double line seals for added strength. Also has a bag roll storage compartment and a bag cutter.

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  • 130 watts/120 volts
  • Variable settings - Regular or Gentle
  • Sealing choices - Dry, moist and double
  • Double vacuum pump
  • Double line seals for added strength
  • Hands free sealing with locked handle
  • Cord storage in back
  • Manual seal feature
  • Tab guides for better bag material positioning and sealing
  • Storage area and cutter for bag rolls
  • Clear viewing window in lid
  • Pulse vacuum - press Manual Seal button when desired vacuum level is reached, great for delicate items.
The unit comes with:
-One roll of 8.7” x 9.85' bag material
-One roll of 11" x 9.85' bag material

Accommodates up to an 11.8” wide bag or roll
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5 out of 5
Sue C
Lindsborg, KS
3rd time's the charm! Oct. 27, 2018
This is my third vacuum sealer and the best - by far! I've had Zip-Lock and a very expensive Food Saver (returned it- very difficult to use). Neither of them came close to the quality of the VS-12. It's user friendly with the handle lock, lots of sealing options for different types of food and seals quickly. I'm definitely sticking with this one!
5 out of 5
Mike W
Miami, FL
Hey! This thing works! Sep. 16, 2018
My wife and I have lived a good, long life and had never heard the name "Sous Vide" until about a month ago. We looked it up, were "gobsmacked" with its versatility, bought one, and realized we didn't have a vacuum sealer. We bought a cheap one, tried it, and sent it back. It didn't suck. Yeah, I know. The suck is important when vacuum sealing. So, we looked through dozens of units on-line, and settled on this one - a hundred dollars more that the one we sent back. Guess what! One gets what one pays for. This is beautiful in every way.

Okay . . . one questionable engineering issue. The unit has a glass look through in the lid. It shows the roll of bags. Why would I want to peek in at that? Buy it anyway. Look into some other window - somewhere.
5 out of 5
Kendra B
Bella Vista, AR
Gread for People with Arthritis Oct. 15, 2017
I had a different sealer that became very hard to use due to the Strong pressure I needed to close the lid.... We Just bought this new Nesco Vacuum sealer-12....WOW! A++ Very easy to use No more hurting hand from hard lid ..This works awesome, I Love it, well worth the Money. Highly recommend.

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