Keep your family healthy and satisfied with the NESCO Food Steamer and Egg Cooker. Cooking the perfect soft-boiled egg can be a hassle but with our specialty Egg Cooker, you can cook hard, medium, or soft eggs in just a few minutes. The 400-watt heating base prepares up to eight eggs at a time, allowing you to serve this savory breakfast staple to your whole family. Start your day with a fresh egg layered on toast or bring your famous deviled eggs to an afternoon picnic. Preparing delicious, nourishing meals is simple with the NESCO Food Steamer. Lock in nutrition and bring out the flavor in all your favorite meals and side dishes, from steamed vegetables to seafood. To save time, you can even separate foods into two steaming bowls and prepare an entire meal at once. Get ready to dish up dinner in just under an hour when you discover the extraordinary convenience of healthy cooking with NESCO.