Red NESCO Roaster Oven With Easter Ham

Continue Family Traditions This Easter

NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster makes Easter ham prep easy

Easter is a time of family and traditions. For some, they have been prepping for 40 days, culminated by a busy Easter weekend filled with activities and traditions started generations before. All of it wrapped up with family gathered for an Easter meal cooked in Grandma’s NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster.

Decorating Easter eggs and Easter egg hunts are traditions a lot of us grew up with. The Easter bunny and chocolate eggs took center stage on Easter morning. The highlight, however, was the afternoon meal at Grandma’s, planned around the traditional Easter ham, with the whole family gathered around the table sharing stories.

Easter is a time for family. There’s no reason to spend all your time in the kitchen though. So pull out Grandma’s roaster or get your own NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster to start your own tradition.

The NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster allows you to spend more time with those you love

NESCO’s 6 Qt. Roaster frees up your time so you can enjoy hunting for Easter eggs or laughing and talking with your family. It allows you to ‘set it and forget it,’ as well as freeing up your oven for other dishes and sides. It also has a removable cookwell making it easy to serve and to clean.

Ham is a staple at American Easter celebrations for many reasons. Traditionally, farmers turned to ham because it was seasonal and inexpensive compared to other holiday meats like lamb.

The Easter ham is usually fully cooked, and only needs to be reheated. They come whole, half, bone-in, semi-bone or boneless varieties. All varieties can be prepared in a NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster.

Providing families with the opportunity to gather around nutritious food has always been important to NESCO. Need a good recipe for an Easter ham? NESCO’s honey-glazed ham recipe features a delicious homemade glaze, but there are also a few things you should know before diving in.

  1. Make sure you get a fully-cooked ham.
  2. Your ham should be big enough to serve 1/3 lb to each person.
  3. Don’t apply the glaze until the ham is approximately 3/4 of the way done.
  4. Use a quality meat thermometer to make sure your ham is heated thoroughly.

This Easter start your own family tradition or continue the ones you already have. Invite the family over, get an Easter ham and let NESCO take care of the rest.

NESCO: Your Key Ingredient

At NESCO, we believe life is an occasion worth celebrating. We’re dedicated to being Your Key Ingredient in those celebrations by making cooking enjoyable again with our complete line of innovative small kitchen appliances and accessories. NESCO began as the National Enameling and Stamping Company and created the first Roaster Oven in 1931. NESCO is currently headquartered in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

To purchase a NESCO 6 Qt. Roaster or other products visit or for more information call 1-800-288-4545.

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