CAREY Food Strainer


  • Large poly heat-resistant hopper & sturdy cast-aluminum strainer body
  • Easy-to-turn ergonomic handle design
  • Durable rust-proof stainless-steel screen
  • Easy to assemble and clean, great for canning / For use with 3/4″ to 1-7/8″ thick countertops
  • Works with CAREY Food Strainer Accessories, Models: FDST-BSCY, FDST-GSCY, FDST-PSCY, FDST-SSCY

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Great for sauces, jams & jellies, soups & baby food, the CAREY Food Strainer helps you prepare freshly strained or pureed fruit and vegetables for your family meals with ease. The large poly heat-resistant hopper holds your pre-pressed food, while the easy-to-turn ergonomic handle allows the user to quickly strain or purees fruits and vegetables. No need to peel apples or tomatoes to make sauces as the spiral auger presses pulp and juice through the screen into one bowl, while the waste funnel extracts the seeds and skin into another bowl. The splatter guard protects from juice splattering and ensures that cleanup is simple and effortless. Easy to assemble and use, the CAREY Food Strainer will become a kitchen favorite when making homemade sauce to can or pureeing an ingredient for a favorite recipe.

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 18 × 19 in


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