FD-80 Snackmaster® Square Food & Jerky Dehydrator


  • 700 watts of drying power provides even heat distribution
  • Adjustable temperature control (95°F – 160°F)
  • (4) BPA Free trays with 1.2 sq. ft. of drying area per tray – Expandable to 8 trays
  • Proudly made in the USA of global and domestic components
  • Includes (1) Clean-A-Screen, a Jerky Seasoning & Cure sample, and a 52-page recipe & instruction book

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The NESCO FD-80 Snackmaster Square Food & Jerky Dehydrator is perfect for making jerky as well as dried herbs, fruits and vegetables. The adjustable temperature control (95°F -160°F) gives you the flexibility to achieve the best results when drying different foods that need varying temperature settings. This dehydrator comes with four (14.5” x 14.5”) square trays and expands up to 8 trays so you can dry larger quantities, with no tray rotation needed. Additional Add-A-Trays sold separately. The quiet, powerful Converga-Flow® fan forces heated air down the exterior pressurized chamber, then horizontally across each individual tray. The air flow then converges in the center for quick, consistent drying that is four times faster than other dehydrators. Sample seasoning and cure is included to get started.The NESCO FD-80 Snackmaster Square Food & Jerky Dehydrator provides the drying power for dehydrating great jerky and fruit snacks for the active lifestyle.

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Dehydration Recipes


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. 


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 16 × 16 in

16 reviews for FD-80 Snackmaster® Square Food & Jerky Dehydrator

  1. Bob S Farmington, MO (verified owner)

    Very simple and very well made. Easy to use and no switching trays!! Good buy for the money

  2. Gregg F Woodsboro, MD (verified owner)

    I got the FD-80 during the winter in preperation for the summer growing season. I have to admit, I did get some produce at the grocery store to try it out at first and it worked better than the product description states. In using it with my fresh garden produce, I have found that this dehydrator produces the best tasting dried food I have ever tasted. Being able to set the temperature is such a wonderful bonus to a great product because it allows you to dry foods and retain color, taste, freshness, and vitamin content. It is easy to use and I expanded my trays to 6 using the add a tray pack. The dehydrator works so well, I have actually cut 6 to 12 hours off of my previous dehydrator’s dry time. I would recommend this product to every person in the world as it makes it possible to conserve food for longer without sacrificing flavor or vitamin content. If you are thinking about getting a dehydrator, buy this one. You will not regret it. I am very picky about my kitchen gadgets and this one is used so much, it has earned a permanent space on my counter. I wouldn’t give up my dehydrator for anything… and my friends have asked to borrow it. I gave them the website address and told them to go get their own. Nobody is taking my dehydrator anywhere!

  3. Mike P (verified owner)

    For years I been wanting a Dehydrator to do Jerky. The few friends of mine have them but always complain, it takes to long for jerky to dry and clean up is a pain. Then a friend told me about Nesco Dehydrators. He recommended the FD-37 Food Dehydrator. I seen the FD-80 Snack master and like the idea of being square so it will hold more and the 700 watts of power. I am so pleased with it’s performance and quality of my jerky. I can dehydrator in 4.5 to 6 hours. I like it so much I told a another friend and she went out and picked up the same one. She took her old one and threw it away after she just tried this one only one time. There is no on and off switch which is no big deal, but wish it had a timer. But I still give it a 5 star. Nesco has me for a new customer.

  4. Elaine W (verified owner)

    I bought this dehydrator to make healthy dog treats and to save produce from the garden. I have made treats for the dogs from plain sliced sweet potato strips and plain banana slices. My dogs love them. I have also dehydrated basil, oregano and marjarom to use for the winter months. I have zucchini, green beans, peppers, tomatoes dehydrated to add to soups and stews and am now working on dehydrating slices of apples for snacks and to add to baked goods. I need to order more trays. The square trays hold quite a bit but I could use a couple more right now. If you are thinking about ordering one of these, do not hesitate. It is a great unit and super quiet. You don’t even know it is running.

  5. Richard K Lake Jackson, TX (verified owner)

    I’ve had Nesco dehydrators for 20+ years, have had great luck with them. I replaced my FD-60 last year with this FD-80. I needed more drying space but was limited on room. My FD-60 which was several years old is still working perfectly for some friends to whom I gave it. This FD-80, expanded to 8 trays, it perfect for me. I know of other brands, some quite expensive, with the slide-in tray concept. I like instead to have expandability and not to be drying dead air space. More than anything, I want durability and reliability. My old 20+ year old Nesco is still working perfectly for a relative. Why swap brands when this one works for me?

  6. coleen C plainfield, IL (verified owner)

    I bought this dehydrator, because I have parrots & its more economical to make the dried friuts. I absolutely love this dehydrator! Works great! Right now I’m dring garlic to make my own garlic powder!

  7. Joe R Iselin, NJ (verified owner)

    I’ve had the FD-80 for almost 2 years & love it! I have expanded to the full 8 racks after the 1st time I used it. I got it as a gift, because I love to make jerky. It comes with a great recipie book which got me doing other foods as well. For the money, extra space & simple use you cant beat it!

  8. Joy J Tulsa, OK (verified owner)

    I got this a couple of years ago and have been so happy with it. I use it constantly. I like that the trays are big; you can really put a lot on them. I had a dehydrator years ago, and this is light years better!

  9. Lea R (verified owner)

    I have never owned a dehydrator before, and have wasted a lot of food without realizing that I could have dried it. I’ve also been very, very skeptical about drying food, the way it looks/tastes or nutritional value. What prompted me to purchase this is the recent recall of all chicken/duck jerky from pet stores. My dog loved them. I bought this hoping to just be able to replace his treats. I just slice up par-frozen chicken or turkey breast–no spices!!!—and viola, beautiful, organic, no hormone no contaminant chicken jerky! I’ve now done fruit (blueberries and fresh pineapple) and plan to do fruit roll ups. My husband hunts, so we are planning on using it to make deer jerky too. I have a huge garden and now am not afraid of growing “too much” that we can’t eat and have to give away or can (i hate canning). I may even try doing fish. The unit I got is the square one, and I plan to expand the trays. It’s QUIET and FAST. I am so happy with this purchase, even if it was just used for the dog treats. I recommend this product fully.

  10. terry B Huachuca City, AZ (verified owner)

    have owned this product for over five years. My mother keeps borrowing it, as her dehydrator does not work well. I am buying her one for her birthday. Easy to use, easy to clean,and a temperature control that is super easy.

  11. Ed S Conroe, TX (verified owner)

    I would give this product a full star rate, except for one problem. It is very inconvenient to handle when you need to change product or clean the product or other wise handle it, as it has only one way of turning off, unplugging. I will not cut the cord as I have seen another write, I don’t feel anything but a surge protector with a off switch is the answer. I do believe they could make it much better by adding a off switch.

  12. Margie R (verified owner)

    I bought this jerky dehydrator and make beef jerky for my sons and their friends. Every batch of jerky I make I get excellent reviews. It will take a good three pound roast cut into strips and in about 5-6hours I have some excellent beef jerky. Thank you nesco for a fine machine.

  13. Rob S Golden Valley, MN (verified owner)

    This dehydrator was fantastic when working. Unfortunately, we’ve only had it for 3 months and have used it maybe 6 times. Today, after uneventfully using it, it just stopped. Waited, let it sit for a couple hours, plugged it back in…nothing…dead. I’m unfortunately having to send it in under warranty. I would expect this item to last for years. Will try again with the repaired/replaced item and see how long that lasts.

  14. Sandra S (verified owner)

    Bought this dehydrator originally to dry peppers. That was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Great on peppers, herbs and have made beef jerky as well. Times do vary. Low noise, and very easy to clean. A really terrific product!

  15. Richard K Lake Jackson, TX (verified owner)

    This is the third Nesco dehydrator I’ve owned in a little over 20 years; the first two are still working perfectly! I bought this model to take advantage of the greater area afforded by the square shape, as it has to fit a specific area in my utility room. It works just as well as my prior two, who have been passed along to friends. I love the plastic construction because it’s easier to clean than metal, and I just pop the trays into the dishwasher minus the heat-dry. What’s to say about it? It’s quiet, it’s efficient, it’s reliable. And I LOVE that it’s made in our country, not China or somewhere unknown for safety. I just ordered two new Nesco dehydrators as gifts, because I know the quality can be trusted.

  16. Patricia C Garner, NC (verified owner)

    I love my dehydrator. I want a fruit roll tray for my square dehydrator but I haven’t found one. I hope there is a fruit roll tray for this particular dehydrator. Everything else is great! I love it!

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