NESCO smart canner & smart cooker

All-In-One Versatility Makes NESCO Smart Canner & Cooker the Ultimate Kitchen Appliance

Can, Cook, Steam, Sauté, and Slow Cook with Ease

NESCO wants to make life easier. The NESCO Smart Canner & Cooker provides unmatched versatility—allowing you to do more with one appliance.

The NESCO Smart Canner is an impressive canning device. It allows you to effortlessly preserve that fall harvest especially when coupled with items like the NESCO dehydrator and the NESCO Clean-A-Screen accessory.

With winter right around the corner, this Smart Cooker also enables you to quickly and easily prepare soups, stews, and other dishes. The appliance can pressure cook, sauté, or slow cook meals with ease.

The Smart Canner & Cooker’s Pressure Cooking Feature Makes Meal Time Easy

The multi-functional digital display and pre-set programs on the Smart Canner & Cooker give you the right tools to ensure consistent results with just the touch of a button. It is equipped with built-in safety features that control and regulate the pressure continuously—allowing you the ability to can and cook without worry.

Inside the Smart Cooker, the pressure builds to nearly 30 PSI (pounds per square inch) and the temperature of the water rises to nearly 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows your food to cook faster without burning, and since the Smart Cooker is completely sealed, the flavor and aroma compounds—making your food even more moist and delicious.

Take this recipe for Lemon Rosemary Chicken, for example. With the help of the NESCO Smart Canner & Cooker you could be serving up perfectly cooked, juicy, chicken breasts in under 20 minutes.

At NESCO our goal is always to make life easier. We know meals are important, and we want to make them as stress-free as possible. With products like our Smart Canner & Cooker, families can experience efficient cooking processes and shorter wait times while still enjoying tasty, flavorful food.

NESCO: Your Key Ingredient

At NESCO, we believe life is an occasion worth celebrating. We’re dedicated to being Your Key Ingredient in those celebrations by making cooking enjoyable again with our complete line of innovative small kitchen appliances and accessories. NESCO began as the National Enameling and Stamping Company and created the first Roaster Oven in 1931. NESCO is currently headquartered in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

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