Paired with the power of your vacuum sealer, NESCO Bags & Rolls help you preserve all your food items quickly and easily. Each is constructed with cross-venting channels to lock in flavor while keeping air, moisture, and bacteria out. NESCO Bags & Rolls are BPA-free and compatible with almost any brand of sealers. Designed with your cooking needs in mind, our sealers are tear-resistant, and boil and sous-vide safe, making them ideal for reheating your favorite meals. Forget about freezer burn. NESCO Bags & Rolls are made to last. Save fresh summer produce or homemade soups in no time. Our Bags & Rolls aren’t just limited to food preservation. You can keep your valuables safe and secure in your suitcase or even long-term storage space. No matter your storage needs, rely on NESCO for the perfect seal.