FD-37 Clear Cover Food & Jerky Dehydrator


  • 400 watts of drying power provides even heat distribution
  • Detachable top mounted powerhead with fixed temperature control (160°F)
  • (4) BPA Free trays with 0.75 sq. ft. of drying area per tray – Expandable to 7 trays
  • Proudly made in the USA of global and domestic components
  • Includes a Jerky Seasoning & Cure sample and a 52-page recipe & instruction book

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The NESCO FD-37 Food & Jerky Dehydrator is perfect for a beginner or an experienced jerky maker! This dehydrator comes with four (13 1/2″ diameter) trays and expands up to 7 trays so you can dry larger quantities, with no tray rotation needed. Additional Add-A-Trays sold separately. The fixed temperature control takes the guesswork out of finding the optimal drying temperature when making jerky and the quiet, powerful fan forces heated air down the center chamber, then across each individual tray for consistent drying. The clear top cover lets you conveniently watch the drying process. Sample seasoning and cure packs are included to get started. The NESCO FD-37 Food & Jerky Dehydrator provides the drying power for dehydrating great jerky snacks for the active lifestyle.

Additional Accessories available for Dehydrator Model FD-37:


Dehydration Recipes

Dehydrator Manual


 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. 


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 15 in

5 reviews for FD-37 Clear Cover Food & Jerky Dehydrator

  1. Brittany M (verified owner)

    I love this dehydrator they are easy to clean and dont take up much room. Its an an item that i would recomend it to all my friends

  2. Jeff W Oromocto, NB (verified owner)

    This is a great unit for the price. I’ve used mine for 2 years and have made a lot of jerky in that time. I purchased the add a tray to increase production and this did not take away from it’s dehydrating ability. I run my trays through the dishwasher when finished and it has only warped the inside of the trays a little. However the only damage that has been done is the clear cover has cracked in multiple places causing me to have to use tape to hold it together. My biggest cons for this model is that it’s round and runs pretty hot after a while (around 170-190 f), but again for the money there isn’t much competition for it.

  3. Kim R (verified owner)

    Tonight is the first time using this dehydrator. It is as simple a piece of equipment as you could possibly design. Put food on trays, stack trays, plug machine in, and turn it on. After a few hours, it seems to be drying out the apple and banana chips just fine. What is most obvious is this thing is noisy. After a few hours of it in the kitchen, sounding more like a barn fan than a small kitchen appliance, I had to move it in to a spare bedroom. of sight, of mind, we just have to remember to go in there and check it from time to time. Time will tell, but so far it seems to be doing just what we got it for.

  4. Jeff P greenfield, WI (verified owner)

    FD-37 Wonderful Machine – got it for x-mas and I’m on my 2nd batch of jerky already, I’m from greenfield wis and here is the tale of the tape My Jerky Diary – By Jeffrey Heinz Palmer 12-26-16 (12:45hrs – dry start time) Pork loin – 1.5 lbs from El – Rey – fat trimmed and sliced thin; marinated 18 hrs prior 1. Original jerk mix and cure that came with the unit – plus some minor additions – Montreal streak seasoning (from Aldi); water; liquid smoke 2 or 3 drops 2. My 1st secret spice marinade mix – three drops liquid smoke; pinch of dried Habenero pepper; 3 tsp Worcestershire; 3 tsp soy sauce from Roundy’s; 2 tsp dark molasses; 1/8 cup brown sugar; Œ tsp dark paprika; Œ tsp Montreal steak seasoning 3. Sliced thin Habenero peppers – tray full Processing notes- dryer on for 9 hrs – shut off for over night; re-started for 1.5 hrs to finish – observation; jerky does look dry and done already; brown colored but not crispy black) 12-31-16 (0856hrs – dry start time) Eye of round sliced very thin sandwich meat from El – Rey marinated 15hrs in the same secret marinade

  5. Denise C (verified owner)

    I have been wanting one for a while, aside from smelling so good, you can do what you want

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