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Start the Year Off With Healthy Snack Options for the Kids

Make a Variety of Tasty and Healthy Snacks With the NESCO Food Dehydrator

It’s a new year, and after the holiday sugar rush of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas our kids are in need of healthy snack alternatives. Meat jerky and dehydrated fruit chips or rollups are excellent options for mid-day snacks, and the NESCO Food Dehydrator is here to help.

As parents, you know the gap between what kids should be eating and what kids want to be eating can be quite large—especially with easy access to a number of tasty (and not all that healthy) treats available on the market. Sweet and chewy fruit snacks and fruit roll ups are a regular go-to snack in many households, but the sugar content of many of those snacks can be sky high.

Try making your own where you can control what goes into them. We have a recipe for easy fruit rolls on our website. Fruit “chips” made from apples, kiwi, strawberries or bananas as well as seasoned beef jerky in a variety of flavors are other healthy Food Dehydrator snacks. Create great, healthy snack alternatives for children from the comfort of your own home using the Food Dehydrator.

NESCO Food Dehydrator Brings the Delicious to Snack Time

What happens when your picky eater craves the sugary goodness of his or her favorite candy bar? Enter, “butterfinger” bites!

Try this recipe for a healthier take on the store-bought favorite. The peanut butter, coconut, and apple combo in this recipe evokes the same ‘crunch’ with none of the added sugar so you don’t have to feel guilty about letting your kids indulge, or indulging in some yourself!

You don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience. With a little planning and preparation, the NESCO Food Dehydrator can help you create several healthy, on-the-go, convenient snacks kids are sure to love.

Your family is our family, and we care about the food you’re eating. Check out our website for a variety of recipes for all of our small appliances including the Food Dehydrator, Food Steamer, Slow Cookers, and even our classic vintage NESCO Roasters.

NESCO: Your Key Ingredient

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