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The Secret to a Perfect Burger

Kick Off the Grilling Season with the NESCO Food Grinder

Have you ever tried to copy your favorite restaurant’s burger recipe and couldn’t master the flavor? The secret may be in the process. While grinding your own meat may seem like a daunting task, NESCO makes it simple and easy.

The NESCO Food Grinder is perfect for processing sausage, hamburger, and other ground meat and you’ll be surprised at the impact on flavor! Homemade ground meat is the secret to juicy savory burgers because you control where the meat is coming from and the fat content.

Memorial Day stands as the official kick off to summer and the grilling season. It is a time to come together while remembering those who bravely lost their lives in service to our country. As family and friends safely gather, make the cookout extra special this year by following these simple steps for using the NESCO Food Grinder to make your own burger meat.

Make Perfectly Ground Burger Meat with the NESCO Food Grinder

  1. Invest in a quality food grinder—while it is possible to make ground meat without one, investing in the NESCO Food Grinder will save you time and improve the end result.
  2. Make sure your equipment and your materials are COLD—if homemade ground meat is the secret to tasty burgers, cold temperature is the secret to processing successfully. Place your grinder plates, blades or attachments, meat, and bowl in the freezer before you begin, long enough to chill but not freeze. The meat will cut more easily and not clog the grinder.
  3. Buy the right meat—there are a variety of cuts that can be used for making the perfect ground meat. Whatever cut of meat you use it’s important that you have at least 25 to 30 percent fat content for the best tasting burger.
  4. Create texture—The NESCO Food Grinder comes with three grinding plate options for fine, medium, and coarse options, but you can also create texture by running the meat through the grinder multiple times using different plates.
  5. Season post patty—This may surprise some people, but if you’re using quality meat with the proper fat content – the flavor will be there. Salt draws moisture out of meat and can affect the texture and density of a burger patty. Any seasoning should take place after the burger is pattied and as close to cooking time as possible.

Kick off the summer season with NESCO. What are you waiting for? Let NESCO and the #8 Professional Food Grinder help elevate your Memorial Day cookout. Your friends and family will appreciate it.

NESCO: Your Key Ingredient

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