Turkey Jerky

Why You Should Be Eating Jerky

The next time you need a snack to bring to a party, hiking, or just hanging out, grab your NESCO Dehydrator and whip up some jerky. Even though it’s a wildly underrated snack, it brings way more to the table than most snacks because it’s savory, salty, and healthy.

Homemade Jerky In A Mason Jar


Jerky is a Low-Carb, High-Protein Food
Studies have shown that a high protein, low carb diet can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Protein keeps your metabolism running smoothly and leaves you feeling satisfied, keeping cravings at a minimum.

No Unnatural Chemicals or Preservatives

Jerky, especially homemade, is free of unnatural dyes, chemicals, and weird preservatives. Typically, jerky only has three ingredients—meat, cure, and spices. Making your own jerky is an easy way to control the chemicals you and your family put into your bodies.

Jerky On NESCO Dehydrator Close Up
Ground beef ready for dehydration

Satisfy Your Salt Cravings, Without Going Overboard
It doesn’t matter how healthy your diet is, salty food cravings are real. Don’t overdo it with unhealthy snacks like potato chips, cheese puffs, or pizza. Quash your salt cravings with a serving of beef jerky, it’ll satisfy your taste for salty foods while actually giving your body fuel.

Jerky Is Easy to Bring Anywhere
There’s a reason hikers and cyclists use jerky to keep moving throughout the day. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, just keep it in a plastic Tupperware container or zipper bag for up to two weeks.

There Are Endless Flavor Options
Create unique flavor varieties that can be mixed and matched with NESCO’s variety of seasonings. Find your favorite flavor or mix them together to create your own unique blend. You can also experiment with different types of meat, like turkey, bison, or even tofu. Experimenting with different flavors and textures lets you find the perfect blend that suits you best. Jerky is the pizza of the snack meat world, there are a million different varieties and they’re always great.