45-Minute Ribs And Coleslaw

Ribs are a classic American dinner that everyone loves. The only problem with making ribs for the whole family is how much time it takes to cook them perfectly. Let NESCO cut down your cook time with our Pressure Cooker, available in multiple sizes. For the perfect dinner, serve these ribs with a side of homemade coleslaw (although we cheated and used pre-made dressing).

Your Key Ingredient:

Grocery Ingredients:


10 lbs bone-in ribs, defrosted and cut up
2 bottles smoky barbecue sauce
2 cups ginger ale
1 bay leaf


1 large head white cabbage
½ head red cabbage
2 cups baby carrots
1 bottle coleslaw dressing


  1. Place rack in NESCO® Pressure Cooker. Layer ribs and barbecue sauce in Pressure Cooker, using about ¼ cup of sauce in between each layer. Add ginger ale and bay leaf.
  2. Set Pressure Cooker to HIGH and timer to 30 minutes for tender ribs, or 45 minutes for fall-off-the-bone.
  3. When timer is done, release pressure and carefully remove ribs from Pressure Cooker. Brush ribs with remaining barbecue sauce and serve.


  1. Slowly feed cabbages and carrots into a food processor until all are shredded.
  2. Transfer to a large mixing bowl and add coleslaw dressing. Mix well.