Personalized Party Omelets

For your next party treat your guests to a personalized omelet made simple with your portable NESCO Electric Burner. Here is a simple omelet recipe and a list of ingredients for the filling. The possibilities are almost endless. Choose the ones that are easiest for you, and ones you feel your guests will love. Simple Omelet Recipe: 2 Eggs 1 Tbsp. of Water (to help makes eggs fluffy) Dash of Salt and Pepper to Taste 1 Tsp. of Butter Beat eggs, water, salt and pepper in a bowl Heat a 7 to 10-inch skillet over your NESCO Electric Burner and [...]

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Party Coffee Ingredients

For your next party treat your guest to a cup of Fresh Brewed Coffee from your NESCO 25 Cup Coffee Urn. In addition to having cream and sugar for added flavor, try having one or more of these added ingredients on the side. Your guest will love them. - Chocolate syrup - Whipped cream - Cinnamon sugar or sticks - Dark or light rum - Almond or coconut milk - Ice cream - Cocoa powder Let us know what you think, and what are some of your favorite coffee ingredients?

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Jet Stream Oven 2: The Perfect Frozen Appetizer Cooker

The NESCO/American Harvest Jet Stream Oven is perfect for making your favorite frozen appetizers. Enjoy everything from crispy egg rolls and mozzarella sticks, to breaded mushrooms and onion rings. Cooking in your Jet Steam Oven is convenient and saves energy over a large conventional oven. Try some of these tasty frozen food items in your NESCO/American Harvest Jet Stream Oven: • Crispy Egg Rolls • Pizza Rolls • Breaded Cheese Curds • Mozzarella Sticks • Breaded Mushrooms • Baked Pretzels • Onion Rings • Stuffed Potato Skins • Cream Cheese Wontons • Corn Dogs • Stuffed Taquitos • Mini Pizza [...]

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Cheese Sauce Toppings

Nothing says "Party" more than a NESCO 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker filled with a warm creamy cheese sauce. Great for spooning over nacho chips, fresh steamed vegetables or potatoes; tasty cheese sauces are always a hit on any party buffet. To kick things up try some of the these suggested toppings: Roasted pumpkin seeds Cooked bacon bits Chopped black or green olives Chopped fresh tomatoes Diced jalapeno peppers Chopped marinated artichoke hearts Roasted tomato salsa Shredded romaine lettuce Diced apples tossed in lime juice Steamed broccoli tips Chopped green onions Fresh guacamole Diced marinated cooked shrimp Beef or chicken chili [...]

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Freeze Your Own Homemade TV Dinner

NESCO/American Harvest Vacuum Sealers are ideal for storing all types of food items. Vacuum sealing locks in freshness and flavor. Ordinary storage methods trap air in with your food causing it to loose nutrition and taste. NESCO/American Harvest Vacuum Sealers are great for frozen plan-ahead meals and single serving meals, or, as we like to call them TV Dinners. Unlike prepackaged store dinners you get to decide the food items and amounts in each meal. At the same time you can avoid unwanted ingredients often found in premade processed foods. And, you'll be saving money!   Try making up your [...]

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Cooking Tips Using Bacon Fat

Almost anyone you talk with will tell you they love the taste of bacon. Here are a few bacon flavor tips when cooking with your NESCO 12” Electric Skillet. §  Next time you make fried or scrambled eggs try substituting bacon fat in place of butter or oil. §  After you fry bacon in you NESCO Electric Skillet use the drippings to make hot bacon dressing. It generally is served over spinach however other greens can work just as well. §  Bacon drippings are also great for cooking greens such as kale and Brussels sprouts. §  Next time you sauté [...]

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Heating Up Your Holiday Drinks

    The NESCO 1.8 Liter Glass Water Kettle is ideal for making delicious hot holiday drinks. It boils water faster than a microwave and uses half the energy of a stovetop. 1500 watts of power quickly heats water for all your drinks like Tom & Jerry’s, hot toddies, spiced teas and hot instant cocoas. For great Tom & Jerry’s the Internet offers dozens of delicious recipes. The base of hot water, whipped eggs and liquor makes the perfect foundation for a rich creamy drink. From there the added flavor combinations are almost endless. Grated nutmeg and cinnamon are a [...]

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Cinnamon Coffee

For your next party treat your guest to a cup of Fresh Brewed Cinnamon Coffee from your NESCO 25 Cup Coffee Urn. Simply add two to three teaspoons of ground cinnamon sprinkled over your favorite coffee grounds before brewing a full urn. Not only does it add a light wonderful flavor, the aroma is absolutely heavenly. For a creamy and sweeter flavor, serve with half-and-half and your favorite sweetener on the side. Your guests will love it. Experiment with various amounts of cinnamon, or other additions such as a dash of nutmeg. Let us know what you think. Also share [...]

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Tea Tips. Yummy Good.

This holiday season try using dehydrated fruits for a boost of flavor to your cup of tea. Start with a cup of hot water from your NESCO Glass Water Kettle and your favorite tea. Then add ground dehydrated dried oranges and dried cinnamon apple slices. This also works great with cider or plain hot water. Start with small amounts and adjust to your liking. Another favorite of ours is just plain hot water with dried lemon slices from our NESCO/American Harvest Food Dehydrator and a mint leaf . . . mmm good. Try one of these tips and let us [...]

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Add Color to Your Buffet Table with NESCO’s Slow Cookers!

Keep your holiday appetizers and sauces tasty and warm in colorful 1.5 Qt Slow Cookers from NESCO. From rich brown meatballs and honey wings, to golden cheese sauces and hot bean dips, NESCO Slow Cookers helps make your table more festive. Lets us know what recipes you like to make in your NESCO 1.5 Qt Slow Cooker.

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Seasonal Pumpkin Bread in the 18 Qt Roaster Oven

The NESCO 18 Quart Roaster Oven is ideal for roasting up to a 22 lb turkey. It's also perfect as an energy saving oven for making your favorite breads. This Seasonal Pumpkin Bread recipe can be made year round. However it's especially appreciated during autumn and the holiday seasons. 1 cup canned pumpkin 2 eggs 1/2 cup corn oil 3 Tbsp water 1¾ cup flour 1½ tsp pumpkin pie spice 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1½ cup sugar Preheat NESCO 18 Qt Roaster Oven to 350º F. In a bowl, combine pumpkin, eggs, oil and water. Mix well [...]

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Kale and Blueberry Dehydrating tips

Tip #1 Did you know that drying Kale only takes a short time of drying? Substitute them for those high calorie snacks and you will do your body good. Average Drying Time: 2 – 4hrs. Tip #2 Did you know you can speed up the drying time in blueberries by cracking the skin? Use either method - boiling them in hot water for 1 to 2 minutes and rinse immediately in cold water, or freezing them for a couple of days, thaw and dry.   Average Drying Time: 10-18hrs.

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Three-Piece Buffet Kit

Turn your NESCO® 18 Quart Roaster Oven into a hot or cold buffet-serving unit with our 3 Piece Buffet Kit. Keep appetizers, sauces, main dishes and more hot and ready to enjoy. Or use it anywhere as a cold buffet server. Simply fill the roaster cookwell bottom with ice, leave unplugged, insert the 3 Piece Buffet Unit and you're ready to go. With the large roaster dome cover - salads, fruits and deserts stay chilled for hours. Click Here to Purchase NESCO® 5 Pc. Nescote® Non-Stick Buffet Kit 3 Buffet Server Pans held in by 2 brackets (5pcs.)

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